Meet Kayla

Kayla Willis | Essential Healing

Hello! I'm Kayla Willis. What inspired me to start Essential Healing, but more importantly my Chakra Shea Butter was past skin trauma. For years, I suffered with extreme eczema on my face and all over my body. In addition to that I used so many foreign products trying to solve my problem that I ended up creating more. I was at my lowest, didn't want to leave the house because I was so paranoid about my physical appearance. The energy within me became turbulent and it felt like I was losing myself in the process. 16 years later, I have created an organic solution for my skin trying to promote self love and alignment with utilizing the 7 energy wheels we all have present in the depths of spirit (Chakras). On this journey, I would like to share with you all a game changing moisturizer for the body and the soul.